The green color of basil, the perfect shape of pine nuts and of garlic clove(s), some sheep cheese, e.v.o. (extra virgin olive oil). Chop all this raw food together, inhale and have beautiful thoughts while chopping… that’s it! Yummy 🙂

Today, while preparing one of the sauces I love, I was thinking of writing “my” pesto recipe for my world-wide friends, the ones I have already met and the ones I haven’t yet. So, writing it in Italian would have been kinda trivial, since Italians know what I’m talking about and there are plenty videos and links in the web showing how to make this green, earth-scented sauce. So my love for cooking, even if I’m not an every-day-cooker or a chef, brought me here.

First of all collect an important quantity of basil from your garden. If you don’t have a garden with basil plants, you can buy a little vase with a little plant: make it grow up for a few days or transplant it in a bigger pot, wait one week or until you have enough basil for a jar of pesto. It happened to me to prepare it just for once course.


Whash it gently and generously

2.jpgDry your basil until all the water is removed, add a clove of garlic and pine nuts and chop together. I use to take out the “soul” from the garlic clove, since it’s supposed to be “hard” to digest, or strong in taste: this depend on you, how you like it or how many vampires you have to meet after you’ve eaten 🙂 Did you know garlic is supposed to keep vampires away? Ahah.

3.jpgAs far as the quantity of pine nuts this as well depends on you, as for the garlic (today that was the quantity I had at home, but it was “enough”- just feel it or watch and ask basil if it’s ok, ahah).

Add some seasoned (hard, that you can also grate) sheep cheese and keep a bit aside. The original recipe wants parmesan, I prefer sheep cheese. Chop, chop, chop! Don’t forget good thoughts, positive energy and lotta love!


When you see/feel you’ve been chopping enough, put the sauce in a jar and add some extra virgin olive oil, maybe a pinch of salt – I use Hymalaya rose salt – but with the cheese it might be salted enough, this again depends on your habit/taste. Mix once you have half jar, add sauce, e.v.o., mix and cover with evo.

If you don’l like chopping you can use a machine. When I prepare home made food I prefer preparing it without using machines, the result will be almost the same… almost, because you’ll never chopped enough as a machine does (besides, hand energy is natural, machine’s isn’t – it overheat ingredients, but it’s a micro detail!!!). This, once again, depends on you, on the consistency you like. I prefer to recognize ingredients and to chew them. But if you like a smooth sauce or if you dont’have teeth, use a machine!

5.jpgDon’t forget to cover with evo, otherwise the oxidation will occur immediately.


Prepare you pasta to season with you lovely sauce, grate  the cheese you took aside on top of your pasta and…. enjoy!


You can use any kind/shape of pasta. Today I had different kind of spaghetti and linguine. But I like also short pasta, such as penne or fusilli.

Put your sauce in the refrigerator and use it within few days.

N.B.: Instead of pine nuts you can use almonds. Another nice variation is rocket salad instead of basil and walnuts instead of pine nuts.

Enjoy your pesto also in sandwiches or where you prefer!

Where is “pesto” coming from?


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