Great (suppose to be) reader seldom writer.

not vegan yet but on my way – female – straight (for now… but, who knows then?)

Here’s a work in progress and casual list of what I

Like travelling (physically and mentally… without drugs, no more), rock’n’roll (gigs), babies/kids – not mine, I have not – of all ages (I’m not a pedestrian, I just like the way a baby looks at the world… so everyone should be like that and kill who practice violence on babies!), theatre, movies, anticapitalism, truth, foreign languages, literature, photography… wellness, piss and love, happiness… jazz (klezmer, balkan, etc., free and standard) and electronic music, anthropology, anthroposophy, philosophy… noise/contemporary music… good friends, being alone, architecture, indipendence, environnement, art and martial arts… bossanova and tribal drums… fuck the arrogance… welcome different points of view… astronomy… blues and funky… no money, no problem… (try to always) think positive…  and (try) not to be romantic, realistc instead…country and folk (music)… holistic approach, helping people being and feeling better… tolerance and anti-mediocrity… every human and no-human epiphany… smiles… solitaire and solidaire… linguistics and respect… eat alcaline food/no medicine… walking, swimming, watching tennis and rugby championships (even if I don’t understand rules!), practicing Aikido and karate katas…. tolerance…. water as inner element and fire as connecting to other elements… learning, learning and learning… no more wars/armies but food for all and education… sleeping and taking long naps… tango and slow waltz… mathematics (even if I can’t read numbers!) and science… stay in contact with all friends… gentleness, exploring inner and outer space… thinking and saying what I want or need… no dogmatism from any religion or fucking system!!

Rock’n’roll, rock’n’roll, rock’n’roll. ROCK and ROLL!


you better run to your mama, now!

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